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The Wonderfully Made Doll Collection®   

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Mommy & Me Toys™

It’s more than just a toy!™


We are a children’s toy company with a solid foundation based upon biblical truths. We create children's toys that encourage and promote positive self-image.

Voted the 2017 Creative Child Magazine toy and doll of the year; The Wonderfully Made Doll Collection® mission is to express to all children that they are wonderfully made in the same image of God. The ministry of our dolls encourages children to accept who God created them to be. Which is loved, accepted in his beloved son Jesus Christ and created for a special purpose to carry out in the world.

Mommy & Me Toys™ offers more than just toys. We also offer the gift of love, the freedom to dream, happiness and the importance of embracing a positive self-image at an early age. 

Thank you for inviting Mommy & Me Toys™ into your homes and hearts. Mommy & Me Toys™ is sure to make a lifetime lasting impact on all children.


Mommy & Me Toys™ is dedicated to donating a percentage of it's profits to transform the lives of children who are experiencing homelessness and or in foster care.

heidi walker emily and dolls


  • Determination

  • Courage

  • Perseverance

  • Integrity

  • Fearlessness

  • The promotion of positive self-image in all children


Heidi is a mother, business professional and a minister of the gospel. Heidi created The Wonderfully Made Doll Collection® after receiving a divinely inspired idea. She saw the need for children to have refreshing Christian faith inspired toys that promoted positive self-image. The creation of Mommy & Me Toys™ and The Wonderfully Made Doll Collection® has been a dream come true for Heidi. The Wonderfully Made Doll Collection® facial features were inspired after the likeness of Heidi’s young daughter Emily. Heidi believes in showing her daughter and the children all over the world that they are wonderfully made in the same image of God. With this revelation she is sure that her daughter and all the other wonderfully made children around the world will accomplish the mission they were put here on earth to do. 

Emily with zoe doll and emily doll
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