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Mommy & Me Toys™ is dedicated to donating a percentage of it's profits to transform the lives of children who are experiencing homelessness and or in foster care.


  • Determination

  • Courage

  • Perseverance

  • Integrity

  • Fearlessness

  • The promotion of positive self-image in all children


Heidi is a Master of Business Administration degree candidate, mother, inventor, innovative entrepreneur and a minister. Heidi created My Pray & Play Pal™, My Pray & Play Action Pal™, and The Wonderfully Made Doll Collection® after receiving a divinely inspired idea. She saw the need for children to have refreshing faith-based toys that promotes learning how to pray and embracing a positive self-image at an early age. Heidi believes that all children have a special purpose to carry out in the world. They can discover their purpose through sparking faith and harnessing the power of play! 



Mommy & Me Toys™

It’s more than just a toy!™

Mommy & Me Toys™ is a children’s toy company that creates children's toys that spark faith and harness the power of play!

We are the creator of the innovative children's doll and action pal toy collection My Pray & Play Pal™ and My Pray & Play Action Pal™. My Pray & Play Pal™ and My Pray & Play Action Pal™ is a talking and dancing children's doll and action pal. Which says four fun animated prayers when its hand is pressed. My Pray & Play Pal™ and My Pray & Play Action Pal™ was created to help girls and boys learn how to pray fun prayers that they can remember and how to pray to God by themselves.


In 2017 the Creative Child Magazine voted our faith-based children's doll collection The Wonderfully Made Doll Collection® as Soft Plush Toy of the Year and Toy of the Year. The Wonderfully Made Doll Collection® was created to express to all children that they are wonderfully made in the same image of God.


Thank you for inviting Mommy & Me Toys™ into your homes and hearts. Mommy & Me Toys™ is sure to make a lifetime lasting impact on all children.

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